Landon Ltd

LANDON Ltd. is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company. We are leading at international level manufacturer of high quality investment powders for the casting of Gold, Silver and Brass and jewellery industries.

Jewellery casting experts all over the world recognize our products under title of GEM™. More importantly, our products have been enjoying the high reputation of high quality and competitive price in comparison with other manufacturer such as Kerr (G-400, KerrCast 2000, Platinite, Satin Cast, Supervest 20), SRS (CLASSIC, STONECAST, EUROVEST, GLOBAL, SILK, PLATINÒ), Whip Mix (Omni-Cast, Prima-Cast, ), Gold Star Powders, Certus (Prestige Unicast, Ultra Cast, Ultra Plus), JPL (SILK CAST, DIAMOND, STONECAST, Pro- HT), Siam Casting (Supreme, Professional, Value, Omega, Gem Set).

LANDON Ltd, intends to stay abreast of all the latest developments in the investment casting industry by constantly evaluating advancements in technology, and applying them when warranted.  This will be accomplished through our unending search for information that can be of use in remaining a leader in investment casting.

The customer satisfaction is our prime philosophy and hence we are always conscious to deliver the products as per our valued customers demand.

We also ensure Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) by implementing reliable and high technology driven process, capable of delivering quality products On-time to customer satisfaction with cost effectiveness to their specific standards.

Our customers include small, highly specialized jewelry companies, large industrial enterprises and groups of companies operating at global level, the best in their field in Europe, South Asia and throughout the world.

Our products have mainly exported to many countries, such as US, Brazil and Portugal (Joalheria revestimentos refratários), Spain (Joyería Polvo de Revestimiento), Germany (Schmucklegierungen Einbettmasse , gipsgebundene speed-Einbettmasse für hochgoldhaltige EM-Vollguss-Legierungen), Italy (gioielleria gesso fusione a cera persa), France (bijoux plâtre coulee), Russia (ювелирные изделия литья по выплавляемым моделям порошок , Ювелирные изделия ФОРМОМАССЫ), Belarus (ювелірныя вырабы ліцця па выплавляемым мадэлям парашок), Ukraine (ювелірні вироби лиття по виплавлюваних моделях порошок), Armenia (ոսկերչական ներդրումային ձուլման փոշի), China (型铸造石膏粉 , 首饰铸粉), Indonesia (Investasi bubuk), Thailand (ปูนหล่อจิวรี่ , ปูนหล่อแบบเครื่องประดับ), South Korea (주 조용 매몰재 분말 보석), Japan (鋳造用埋没材粉宝石), Vietnam (Thạch cao ), India (आभूषण ढलाई पाउडर ), Pakistan (پلاسٹر معدنیات سے متعلق پاؤڈر), Turkey (DÖKÜM ALÇISI), Iran (گچ ریخته گری طلا و نقره), Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon and other Arabic countries (المجوهرات مسحوق الاستثمار الصب), Africa’s countries (Juweliersware belegging beslissende poeier) and the countries and regions. 

As experienced experts we support our customers and partners around the world with products, solutions and services.


 Why GEM investment casting powders? (Technical advantages)

  • Produces Crystal smooth, consistently superior casting results (less polishing required);
  • Without a deadline (expiry date);
  • High purity raw materials graded especially for jewelry lost wax casting;
  • Increased refractoriness gives better thermal shock resistance during burnout and casting;
  • Mixes to a smooth, creamy consistency;
  • Gives good thermal shock resistance during burnout and casting;
  • Breaks away cleanly and easily;
  • Forms a strong yet permeable mold;
  • Creates a dense casting by vacuum or centrifugal methods;
  • Reduces finishing time and increases productivity;
  • Consistent results;
  • Dedicated technical support team;
  • Accredited to ISO 9001;


LANDON Ltd., Registered in ENGLAND, Registration No.: 8609572

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